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Passionate About Inspiring Others
Teacher, Life Coach

Author of the book:

"Awakening- 7 Step practical guide to Self Realization"

Professional  experience:

  • Coaching senior executives, such as: Head of municipalities, regional bank managers, etc.
  • Teacher of self-development courses taught in companies and universities since 1999
    • 20 years Personal coach and business consultant 
    • Mechanical engineer
    • Program manager
    • Director of sales
    • Co-founder and CEO of technological startups

I'm a teacher on the spiritual path since 1999.

After many years of wandering and searching, filled with burning questions, I have found a spiritual home In the "Art of Living", a worldwide organization founded by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar - Guruji.

In 1998 I met Guruji in India. It was love at first sight. Guruji is a living example of how an experience of freedom, is realized in a Human body, as described in the spiritual scriptures.

A relationship with such a teacher is unique; since it is the first and only relationship you carry, that involves only one ego, your ego.

For those who want to rise above their ego, this is a golden opportunity.

My personal development process accelerated from that point onward, just like with many that met Guruji over the years.


In 1999 I returned to Israel to establish the local branch of "Art of living".

Today the organization is spread throughout the country and offers a variety of activities for children, youth, and adults.

Over the years I have developed a method of personal coaching, derived from the spiritual knowledge, that helps many to cross moments of crisis, encourages individual to fulfill their potential and live a life free of misery and suffering.


I taught 'Atman' - Personal spiritual training method in the Tel-Aviv University, as well as in 'Atman center' in Ramat- Hasharon, Israel.

Hundreds of graduates have been trained over the years, accumulated knowledge and insights and improved their lives.

All report of real and noticeable change in their relationships, career and general feel of wellbeing.

In recent years, I am involved in a nationwide operation of introducing this knowledge to cities and local municipalities across the country.

Currently, I reside with my family: Anna, Tom and Yannay in Edmonton, AB Canada.

  • BSc. Mechanical Engineering, since 1994

  • Art of Living Teacher since 1999

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